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Korfball is a mixed team sport, similar to netball and basketball. It is played in more than 50 countries. The sport originated in the Netherlands and is very popular there and in Belgium, as well as here in the UK.

Korfball is played indoors or outdoors on a court divided into halves called zones. In each zone is a post (3.5m high) with a basket at the top. This is positioned two thirds of the distance between the centre line and the back of the zone.  Teams have four men and four women. Players score by throwing the ball through the other team's basket. After two goals the teams change zones: defenders become attackers and attackers become defenders. 

Men and women play side by side, but men mark men and women mark women - men can't defend women and vice versa.

One of the most interesting rules is that a player may not attempt to score (shoot at the basket) when they are 'defended' - this happens when the defender is closer to the basket and facing his/her opponent, and is at arm's length, attempting to block the ball. This makes for interesting tactical battles, in a game that is not dominated by physical strength. Korfball is a non-contact sport. 

If you like the sound of korfball, you can try for free at Manchester Korfball Club.

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